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这句英文的含义是:热辣日本色 情视频免费下载。 日本色 情业发达,在网上几乎是泛滥成灾。建议广大网友远离这些不健康的视频资源,免得耽误学业,在婚恋之路上走入歧途。

翻译: 远离日本护士

答案: 1--3: BDD Japanese students work very hard but many are unhappy. They feel heavy pressures(压力) from their parents. Most students are always told by their parents to study harder and better so that they can have a wonder...

1.There are also many differences between Chinese food and Japanese food. 2. Harmonic is the most important factor in Chinese dishes. When it comes to Japannese dishes, it will be replaced by fresh. 3. Chinese people attach imp...

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