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vt. 对...感到惊讶, 惊奇, 想知道 我思考着这个评论,并且想弄清楚既然历史都已经发生了,为什么我们还要去研究它。

都是原创的啊~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Describe a historical event that you’re interested in most. Explain why you are interested in ...

不用怕,只要有了兴趣就是最大的保障了。 不要为了考试而去背书,要为了兴趣而去学习。 1、学习历史,最基本的,你要学会纵向比较和横向比较。所谓纵向比较,就是习惯于将某个国家和某个地区的历史事件从古到今进行比较;所谓横向比较,就是习惯...

learn history 学历史 学习历史


so now you should be fun with the history ,don't think it is hard or it is very anoy you can think the history is very funny and i like it actully every things can be funny stories,think about when you are young you heard the f...

这里应该是研究历史,当学习用时应该指新内容,而历史是过去,所以才研究 满意请采纳

historical study历史研究(历史学、历史事实等研究) traditional study传统研究(传统习惯、惯例研究)

re we are today in the world. For example, the lessons learned during all of the past wars can make for more effective wartime leadership by avoiding mistakes made by past commanders. From the ancient Chinese author Sun Tzu's b...

You asked for advice concerning whether you should study history or computer science at university. I will try making some suggestions. 你向我咨询在大学应该选择学习历史还是电脑科技。 我会尽力提出几个建议。 University is prepara...

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